Monday, September 8, 2008

Camping With the King Family

On Labor Day Weekend, we went camping with the rest of the King Family. Since both Sara and Sunnie refuse to use the bathroom out in the woods, we bought a 5th wheel trailer so we could go camping one weekend a year! Hopefully we will get more use out of it than that. Having the trailer proved very useful since it was stormy and chilly most of the time. Sara and her friend Maddie spent the first night in a tiny two man tent which apparently wasn't waterproof, because they both got wet in the night. The second night they tried the big tent, but the wind was blowing and the storm was so bad that they joined us in the trailer about half way through the night.

Katie, Adam and Jovie spent the first night in the big tent and did fine. The second night they moved into the trailer, too. Ben, Lily, Brett and Sarah (Brett's friend) spent one night up there also. We had a fun time playing Ligretto, and enjoying each others company. We also had fun learning a new game from Derrik called-Batchi Ball. It was really fun, even though Kenny and Suzee easily beat us all! We can't wait to play that again, maybe on a little more leveled field. Some of us tried shooting at clay pigeons and I think Sarah showed a few of the males in our family how it should be done. Bart and Adam did a great job, though. We also played the most serious game of 'Whiffle Ball' we've ever played. Wow, Derrik and Brian take that game pretty seriously!!

Katie and Sunnie had fun scrapbooking for a few minutes, but it was a little too hectic to get much done. Although, as usual, Katie created an awesome page!

Of course the most participated in activity for Sara and Maddie was riding the four-wheelers. They had a great time, even though we wondered if they were lost for a while.

All in all, we had a great time relaxing and playing and getting together with the family. They're all great camp cooks and we have a lot to learn about the right way to do things.

Bart and Adam setting up the tent.

Jovie and Lily chillin' on the couch! They're both such little dolls.

Everybody scrunching into the trailer living room to play one of our new favorite games called "Ligretto".

Bart waiting to "PULL"

Jovie in her "Aunt Jamima" hat.


Ben and Heidi said...

Good job on your first blog!! It looked like we missed out on a lot of fun. I can't believe how big Lily is! Almost as big as Jovie!! She does look just like Ben. Cute stuff!

Claire said...

Jovie looks like a Brown child! I can totally see Heidi's kids in her! :o) And what is "Ligretto"? Sounds fun!

Dambrinks said...

Mom, remind me to help you update your blog when I am down there!